NFC Tools For PC / MAC

In early 2018, NFC Tools for Android has reached 2,5 Million downloads
Thank you for being so awesome! :)
Today we go further and we are happy to announce
NFC Tools for Windows, Mac and Linux
Simple and lightweight user interface to read & write your NFC Chips
Like the Mobile version, the first tab allows you to see data such as:
  • maker of the tag
  • type of tag
  • serial number
  • ATR value
  • size of the tag
  • the data on it
  • and more ...
The "Write" tab let you record standardised data such as:
  • a simple text
  • a link to a website
  • a link to an Android app
  • an email or text message
  • a phone number
  • an address or geolocation
  • and more ...
Connect your NFC reader to your computer like the very popular ACR122U to start playing with your NFC tags
Get NFC Tools for Mac / Windows / Linux
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