NFC Tools : What's new ?

NFC Tools for Android : Version 7.0
NFC Tools version 7.0 is now available on Google Play.
This update includes a new task to apply functions on your variables.
You can choose from 35 different functions to fit your needs :)

Another good news for tech users, now you can send multiple NFC commands.
All you need to do is to separate your HEX commands with commas.

In the screenshot example, we sent two commands using : A2:04:FF:FF:FF:FF,30:04
To get the full release notes, you can visit
NFC Tools PC / Mac : Version 2.1
The release 2.1 is now available for download on

From this update, we decided to implement an extended code certification on our softwares. In a nutshell : Windows users can now open NFC Tools without a warning screen related to the unknown publisher status.
We also included support of the Identiv uTrust 3700 NFC reader.
NFC Tools - KeyBoard Controller : Version 2.0
NFC Tools - KeyBoard Controller 2.0 is now released and available for download on

This update includes a lot of technical improvements, like a new runtime, new cards support, ...

Like NFC Tools for PC / Mac, we have also included an extended code certification for Windows users.

For Web developers who use NFC Tools - KBC and wants to handle NFC contents on their webpage, we released a Javascript plugin on GitHub.
Source code is available here :
Important :
Depending on your computer and your system, you may have to revoke your licence to use the new version if you upgrade from a previous version.
Don't worry, it's quite simple and can be done literally in two seconds just here :
More !
We would like to thank our partners for all the NFC stuff they provides to help us to improve our NFC Softwares and apps.
And, of course, thank you to all the translators and users that help us to make NFC more accessible to everyone.
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