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We are happy to annonce a new version of NFC Tools for iOS and hope you will like it.

From iOS13, your iPhone now supports NFC writing and can write NFC records, like URLs, Texts, and more...

With this version 2.0 of NFC Tools for iOS, we've improved the app with a lot of new features, but rest assured that we are still planning and working on what is coming next.

If you like our work, feel free to support us by posting a review on Apple Store.

Note: To use Mifare Classic and Topaz NFC chips, you must enable the compatibility mode in app's settings.
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We're happy to announce that NFC Tools for Android has reached over 4 million downloads on Google Play.

Thank you all !
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DeeWee reinvents the rules of loyalty program.

It's over the questions about your personal data, customers can now enjoy the benefits of the loyalty program while remaining anonymous.

How does it work ?

DeeWee’s solution uses the NFC. After payment, the customer passes his phone with NFC activated in front of the DeeWee box, a page will be automatically opened, he can then view his digital receipt, participate in games and benefit from promotional coupons.
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