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To give you the best app possible, we constantly add new features to NFC Tools.

Here are some of the recent ones we released.
Import all records from your existing NFC tags
Want to edit or add records to your existing NFC tags, just go to "Write", then "More options", and click on "Import from NFC tag"

If your tag contains standard info, NFC Tools will automatically import those records to your list.
Tag profiles
Save and load your record list with tag profiles.
You can also save an NFC tag as a profile for future use.
Password Protection and Lock
After writing a URL, for example, your NFC tag can be left intentionally in a place easy to reach for everyone.

For this purpose, you can lock your NFC tag so no one will be able to change the information on it. But be careful because this operation can't be undone, even by you.

An alternative option is to set a password protection. It's useful because it avoids a definitive lock of your NFC tag and prevents writing if the password hasn't been removed before.

Rather practical, right?
Format memory
Want a factory reset of your NFC tag ? Use Format memory.

Unlike the erase feature, this feature erase the chip by writing 0x00.
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