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NFC Tools for iOS : Update 2.5
We're happy to announce a new update of NFC Tools for iOS.

There are two major features :
  • Now, you can create a NFC record from an existing QR Code
  • A new record is also available to make a call with FaceTime, but only with audio.
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NFC Tools for Android : Update 8.0
We recently released a major version of NFC Tools for Android.

This update concern mainly UI and technical improvements.
If you find any bug or regression, please contact us.

Here is the release notes:
  • Migrated to Android SDK 29
  • Migrated preferences to AndroidX
  • Input errors are now reported into the field
  • Improved the tabs, lists and drag'n drop
  • Implemented a repository pattern for the data storage
  • Implemented ViewModels and LiveDatas pattern
  • Refactored the app's structure, code optimization, ...
  • And much more, as I cannot enumerate all the modifications ;)
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