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There may be many reasons which could explain why you are unable to read or write an NFC tag. There are things you can try in order to identify and fix what is preventing you from reading or writing your tag, here is the list.

1. Properly scan your tag.

It is very important that you place the tag properly on your device during the entire operation, whether reading or writing. If you move your tag during the operation, errors may occur. If so, please try again.

2. Check that the NFC technology of the tag is compatible.

There are a lot of NFC tags with different technologies, check that your device is compatible with said technology. It is recommended to buy universal NFC tags to avoid compatibilities issues, check our list of recommended NFC tags for more information and feel free to buy some on our NFC shop.

3. Check that the tag is not locked.

It is possible that your tag is locked and read only, this information can be checked on the “Read” tab. If your tag is indeed locked, you won’t be able to write on it.

4. Check that the tag is not protected.

For obvious security reasons, some NFC tags are protected against reads and writes. It is true when it comes to access cards, credit cards, transportation cards.... You can’t read, write, copy or emulate this kind of NFC chip.

5. Check that the memory capacity of the tag is enough to write your data.

Before writing on your tag, make sure that your tag has enough memory to write the data you want to write on it.

6. Check that your NFC antenna and your NFC tag are working properly.

If you use a case on your device, it may be possible that it interferes with the signal and prevents reading and writing the tag. Be mindful of battery swapping because the NFC antenna is often situated on the battery. It’s really important to take good care of your NFC tag, do not bend, cut or burn the tag. Some NFC tags can have problems if they are on a metallic surface.

7. Check that your device is NFC capable.

You can get this information from the technical documentation of your device. Check that NFC is turned on. To turn on NFC, go to Settings, Wireless and networks, more, and toggle NFC. On iPhone, NFC is always enabled.

8. I checked everything and I still can’t find the problem.

If you’ve already checked everything and you still have problems, you can contact us. Important : in order to give out the best answer, please send all possible details like your device model, the kind of NFC chips you’re using, the checks you performed, etc…


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