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Following the decision of Google to take down the SMS and Call Log permissions (, we decided to propose an alternative to our users.

We always think about our community first, this is why we released :
NFC Tools - Standalone Edition.

NFC Tools SE is free and directly available on, but like the Google Play Store version, a license is required to unlock all the features.

You have already paid NFC Tools - Pro Edition on Google Play ?

The less that we can do is to offer you a free license key, you just need to fill the related form here :
Get NFC Tools - Standalone Edition
NFC Tools - KeyBoard Controller is a simple tool that allows you to control your keyboard with an NFC chip. You want to use a tag to auto-fill a client ID input box ? Easy, just click into the input field and scan the chip.

NFC Tools - KBC reads your NFC chip content and pastes it where you want on your computer. To fit your needs, you can also use some additional options, like save into your clipboard or automatically press enter.

How does it work? Simple, you just need to write a TEXT record on your NFC chip.
You can do this with NFC Tools - PC / Mac or even the Android version.

Then connect you NFC reader, keep NFC Tools KBC open, and scan your NFC chip.
Get NFC Tools - KeyBoard Controller

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