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Explanation of permissions required by the app NFC Tasks.

# Important notice :

Why do I need NFC Tasks for my tasks to work?
Yes, you do need another app to run the tasks on your NFC tag.
Having the proper permissions, NFC Tasks will run all the tasks recorded on your NFC tag. NFC Tasks is an extra app whose job is run tasks recorded by NFC Tools.

Why a separate app?
Running tasks require a lot of permissions, I wanted to keep as little required permissions as possible on NFC Tools (only NFC) in order to accommodate the people who don't want to use tasks.

# More information

FAQ : http://en.faq.nfc.tools/
Privacy policy : http://en.terms.wakdev.com/



Identiy permission is used to get some pre-defined variables like {PHONENO}, to add your phone number to your tasks.



Used by some tasks like : Insert an event, Timestamping, ...



Used to pickup a number from your contact list.



Used to get some pre-defined variables like {LAT}, {LNG}, ... and to pickup a location on a map.



Used by task : Send an SMS (a security option in NFC Tasks settings, need to be activated to send SMS without confirmation).



Used by tasks : Dial, Phone call, Call log ...


Photos / Media / Files

Used by tasks : Set a wallpaper, Show an image, ...



Used by tasks : Write a file, Open a file, ...



Used to turn on the flashlight, and for a future task to record a video directly by tapping an NFC tag.



Used by tasks : Microphone recording, Stop microphone recording.


Wi-Fi connection information

Used to pickup a Wi-Fi access point, and for connect your device to your Wi-Fi AP.


Device ID & call information

Used to read your device status.


  Control NFC, change audio settings, pair bluetooth devices, ...


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