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Improved NFC platform detection
Improved NFC technology detection
Added support for :
 - Mifare Ultralight EV1 48 bytes
 - Mifare Ultralight EV1 128 bytes
 - Mifare NTAG 210µ
 - Mifare NTAG 213 Tag Tamper
 - EM4423
Interface and translation improvements

NFC password feature, interface & translation has been improved.
Some features has been removed, please read this important note:
Fix a bug related to the "Send an Intent" task
Fix toast notification from Android 9

Added a help link when writing fails :
Refactoring and libs updates
Interface and translation improvements

Added new task: Flashlight
Added new task: Unzip archive
Added new task: Modify system setting
Fix current Wi-Fi SSID on Android Oreo
Interface and translation improvements

This version is temporary version.
Due to an update problem of NFC Tasks on Google Play, NFC Tools has been rollback to the previous version.

Added new task category: File operations
Added new tasks:
  - Create a folder
  - Copy a file
  - Copy a folder
  - Move a file
  - Move a folder
  - Delete a file
  - Delete a folder
  - Compress a folder
Move task "Write a file" into "File operations" category
Added a warning to execute operation on files
Added an option to bypass the validation for file operations
Bug fixes and interface improvements

Added a button to view record details
Improve Wi-Fi record detection
Improve translation & interface
Bug fixes

Upgrade to SDK 27 (Android 8.1)
New task: Write timestamp to a CSV file
Set counter status for NTAG21X in advanced commands
Added release notes link

Improve platform detection
Fix emergency record translation
Bug fixes

Added warning message for Adaptive brightness and Notification light
Bug fixes and interface improvements
Fix translations

6.1.1 (pro only)
Fix: Export tag and tasks profiles for Android Oreo
Added a warning message for Wi-Fi Hotspot task (not working anymore on Oreo...)


Fix: OK Google task for Android Oreo
Fix: Notifications for Android Oreo
Bug fixes and interface improvements

New app icon + rounded icon for Android Oreo
Added new permission system
Interface and translation improvements
Bug fixes


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