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NFC Tasks



NFC Tasks is a companion app for NFC Tools.

Having the proper permissions, NFC Tasks will be in charge of the execution of all the tasks that have been previously recorded on your NFC tags.

To write and configure tasks on your NFC tag, you can search and download the app NFC Tools. Once your tasks have been configured correctly, simply pass your phone over your NFC tag to perform actions.

In addition to executing your tasks, the app allows you to configure a few several settings, like user variables, the permissions, the security and notification options, and more.

Executing tasks requires a lot more rights than the simple use of NFC on your phone, this is why we decided to separate this functionality from the main NFC Tools app. Having a companion app is also quite practical : it allows anyone to perform your tasks, including tasks that are only available in NFC Tools - Pro Edition.

If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us, we'll be pleased to help you.

- To write and configure tasks, you need the main app: NFC Tools or NFC Tools - Pro Edition.
- An NFC compatible device is required.

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