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If you encounter a problem or a bug, feel free to send me a message on : apps [at]

Some features has been removed, please read this important note:
Bug fixes on tasks execution.
Interface & translation improvements.
Fix a bug related to the "Send an Intent" task
Fix toast notification from Android 9

Added new task: Flashlight
Added new task: Unzip archive
Added new task: Modify system setting
Fix current Wi-Fi SSID on Android Oreo
Interface and translation improvements

Added new task category: File operations
Added new tasks:
  - Create a folder
  - Copy a file
  - Copy a folder
  - Move a file
  - Move a folder
  - Delete a file
  - Delete a folder
  - Compress a folder
Move task "Write a file" into "File operations" category
Added a warning to execute operation on files
Added an option to bypass the validation for file operations
Bug fixes and interface improvements

Fix task: OpenVPN
Bug fixes and interface improvements

Upgrade to SDK 27 (Android 8.1)
New task: Write timestamp to a CSV file
Added release notes link
Fix settings titles on Android Oreo

Interface improvements
Bug fixes


Fix: Notifications on Android Oreo when you play a sound
Fix: Notifications on Android Oreo when you record your mic
Fix: TimeStamping and Insert an event tasks


Fix: OK Google task for Android Oreo
Fix: Notifications for Android Oreo
Bug fixes and interface improvements

Fixed a bug on tasks: Open file, Show image (from Android Nougat)

3.0 / 3.0.1
New app icon + rounded icon for Android Oreo
Added new permission system
Interface and translation improvements
Bug fixes


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