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Depending on your Android version, the Wi-Fi connection may work differently. Indeed, since Android 10, the Wi-Fi connection system has been changed and developers must now use the Wi-Fi suggestion API. [More info]

On recent devices

When you execute a Wi-Fi connection task for the first time, the Android system will display an authorization request.

Once accepted, the system will automatically connect to the network with the info you specified in your Wi-Fi connection task.


  • The authorization request may take a while to appear.
  • The Wi-Fi connection may take a while to be established.

On old devices

There is no further action to take, the connection is established automatically.

How to fill the connection info

For the task to work properly, it’s required to fill correctly your Wi-Fi network information.


This is your network security type, in most cases it's a WPA / WPA2 setup.
You can determine the type by performing a Wi-Fi scan using the search button.

SSID / Name

This is your Wi-Fi network name, you can select it from a scan using the search button.


As suggested, this is your Wi-Fi network password. If your network is open (Type: OPEN), you don’t need to complete this field.


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