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On October 8, 2018, Google decided to update their policies related to SMS and Call Log permissions.
Sadly, this decision impact our apps and we are forced to take down some features...

We are really sorry and hope you understand that unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it.

Also, we would appreciate if you could refrain from posting bad reviews related to this problem, bad ratings will not be helpful at all.
What you can do is tell Google that their decision is affecting you. To do so, you can post here :

Some links about this restriction

Google Post - Web version :
Google Post - PDF version :
Link to policies :

Impacted features

NFC Tools (free and pro) / NFC Tasks
- Task: Send an SMS
- Task: Clear call log

Droid Automation (free and pro)
- Trigger: Incoming SMS
- Phone number detection on call triggers
- Task: Send an SMS
- Task: Clear call log

Few comments

Following this decision, some users have protested to Google, especially users of automation apps.

Some exceptions have been added by Google, which are distributed by filling out a form and allowed on a case by case in a completely arbitrary way. The exception category "Task Automation" being particularly adapted to our case, we filled the forms and contacted the Google Policy team. But so far, we have had only refusals of our different requests for exceptions ... Well thank you Google !!!

On our side, we always think about our community first, this is why we recently released a standalone version of NFC Tools / NFC Tasks on our website.



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