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You’ve probably already used it with your smartphone or your debit card, but what is NFC and what is it used for ?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a chip based technology based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) which allows for the exchange of data between two NFC capable devices by connecting them. It is referred commonly as contactless. It is fast and paring between the devices is not required. NFC chips are autonomous and do not require an internal power source. They are powered by the magnetic field of the device using the chip.

There are 3 uses of NFC.

Reader mode

The reader mode which allows your smartphone to function as an NFC reader. You can read the information on an NFC chip by simply passing your smartphone over the chip. It’s very useful to quickly access information.

Card emulation mode

The card emulation mode (or passive mode) turns your NFC capable device into a contactless card. It’s very convenient to make a payment with your smartphone for example. You can also use your smartphone this way for your transit pass, tickets, coupons, loyalty cards and more.

Peer to peer mode

The peer to peer mode makes it a breathe to share data between two NFC capable devices. You can for example transfer photos, videos, and any other data by simply getting the two devices close to one another.


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