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There is a large variety of chips that can have different uses.


The NTAG chip family allow for a universal interoperability with NFC devices and works with and without applications.
The NTAG chip has been developed by NXP to be used in mainstream applications like advertising, inventory tags, mobile apps tags and much more.

Possible uses:

  • Smart advertising
  • Product identification
  • Mobile apps tags
  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing
  • Electronic tagging of products
  • Business cards

MIFARE Ultralight

The MIFARE Ultralight chip is made of a limited use like loyalty cards, secured ticketing, transit tickets and cards…

Possible uses:

  • Public transportation
  • Events tickets
  • Loyalty cards

MIFARE Classic

The MIFARE Classic is a low cost chip, mainly used for electronic wallets, access cards, company id cards, transportation and ticketing.
Be careful as not all smartphones are compatible with this kind of chip. It is recommended to use NTAG chips instead.

Possible uses:

  • Public transportation
  • Security checks
  • Event tickets
  • Game and identity


The MIFARE DESFire family of chips is highly secured.

Possible uses:

  • Secured transit cards
  • Smart-City and mobility
  • Secured access cards
  • Micro-payment and loyalty cards
  • Road tolls and parking
  • Hospitality
  • Event tickets


NXP ICODE chips are designed for industrial applications, smart tags for logistic purposes, detail retail and much more.

Possible uses:

  • Industrial applications
  • Products tag
  • Tracking of actives and documents
  • Product authentication
  • Smart tags

FeliCA (Sony)

FeliCA chips are made by Sony and mostly used in Japan. They are mainly used in smart wallets.

Possible uses:

  • Smart advertising
  • Bluetooth or WiFi pairing
  • Mobile apps tags
  • Secured public transport
  • Secured security access
  • Micro-payments and loyalty cards
  • Student cards
  • Hospitality
  • Event tickets


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