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Some possible uses with an NFC chip:


Do you need to share your presence on the web (website, social networks…), your e-mail address, your telephone number with a single personalized URL?
This is possible with our link sharing service Unit.Link:

Once your unique URL has been created (, write it on your NFC chip and share it easily.

Business card

NFC can be very useful for your business cards. Insert a contact card (vCard) into an NFC card and easily share your details with your customers, with a simple scan of your card.

Restaurant menu

NFC is frequently used in restaurants to access the menu card.

Just edit your menu card on your restaurant's web page and write the URL of the page on your NFC tag. Customers can then scan your tag to display your menu suggestions on their smartphone. A tag can easily be placed on each table, such as an NFC sticker stuck in the center of the table.
In addition to giving easy access to your menus, this solution offers other advantages:

  • Quick and easy updating of your menus. No need to reprint your menu cards with each evolution.
  • Better hygiene for your customers. They will not need to handle paper cards shared with other customers.


Put an NFC chip on your products and offer your customers the possibility of having additional information about your products with a simple scan of the product chip.
A chip can also be used to share promotions, discount codes, events, etc.

Bluetooth / Wi-Fi pairing

NFC can be very useful for connecting devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
For example, do you have guest rooms and want to share your Wi-Fi connection with your customers? All you have to do is configure your NFC chip with your Wi-Fi connection information and your customers will only have to scan your chip to connect, without worrying about having to insert any connection data such as passwords, which are often a source of complications.


First of all, what is geocaching? Geocaching is an outdoor hobby consisting of hiding or finding geotagging objects in nature around the world. A geocache generally consists of a small waterproof and resistant container including a history of visits with one or more objects (treasures) of no value. Geocaching can be seen as a huge global treasure hunt.

Here, NFC can be used to record and broadcast geocache related data. Users will only have to scan the chip for information or clues to find other objects.


You will find below a non-exhaustive list of other uses of NFC:

  • contactless payment;
  • public transport;
  • loyalty card;
  • business card;
  • event ticketing;
  • game and identity;
  • beacon for mobile applications;
  • industrial applications;
  • access control;
  • electronic product labeling;
  • product authentication;
  • secure data application;
  • secure authentication and configuration;
  • anti-counterfeiting;


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