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T'nB, the French leader in intelligent accessories creation and manufacturing is expanding its product range and offers a new NFC suction cup car mount for smartphones.

On this occasion, NFC Tools has been chosen to enable the use of the NFC chip.
Just like a simple NFC tag, the user first configures the actions he wishes to record on the stand.
Then with a single gesture, when the smartphone is inserted, the actions are automatically triggered.

Turning the Bluetooth on, opening a GPS app, activating car mode, these are but a few examples from a wide range of actions available.

What a way to make your life easier!

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An article on the blog of the NFC Forum (Tap Into NFC) : Life Hack with NFC Technology
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Developed in PHP / MySQL with OOP and MVC standards, its structure gives it the advantage of being modular and scalable.
It allows you to quickly deploy a functional administration for specific developments.
The project, though highly advanced, yet requires the development of many more additional modules and templates. It continues to grow with the goals and roadmap:

  • simplifying the creation and management of websites and web applications.

  • facilitate and simplify the work of developers for specific applications by providing a set of modules and functionalities ready, like a Framework.

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